​Fiji with Palm Tree Anti-Perspirant

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Lean back in your desk chair and think of a tropical place, such as Fiji. Can you smell it? You probably can't, because your boss is watching you on those closed-circuit cameras. So put on some Old Spice Fresher Collection Fiji Deodorant—the volcano-powered sweat destroyer—before going to work, and while your boss smells like the inside of a closed-circuit camera booth, you'll smell like tropical freshness and sunshine. Your body is about to be marooned on a pristine tropical island filled with the scents of palm trees, endangered species, exotic females, one dune buggy, and a lifetime supply of fireworks. The Fresher Collection—where freshness smells from. ; Maroon your armpits on a tropical-island paradise ; Volcano-powered sweat destroyer with Fresher scents of Fiji with palm tree ; Where freshness smells from ; Inhale the adventure ; For more tiny-umbrella-drink memories, try FIJI Body Wash and Body Spray ; Old Spice Fresher Collection Fiji Scent Men's Anti-perspirant & Deodorant 

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