Cologne Shower Gel

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Different from any body wash you have ever used, this concentrated shower gel effectively cleanses your skin while leaving behind a subtle, lasting scent throughout the day. Old Spice Cologne Shower Gel delivers an aromatic shower experience while leaving skin feeling clean and fresh.

Scent: This handcrafted fragrance combines masculine, woody Sandalwood with notes of aromatic Eucalyptus to
make you feel like you are captaining your own armada on the high seas.

Size: 160 mL (5.4 FL oz.)

Swagger Body Wash
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How To Use
Step 1: While showering, apply a small amount to hands or loofah
Step 2: Lather up all over
Step 3: Rinse and towel off
Step 4: Smell amazing all day

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5 Stars
I am happy to be onboard with this ship

Love the product! Didn't use a lot at all. The scent lasted the entire day. My wife even complimented me twice on the scent as well.

5 Stars
Old Spice Flagship Body Wash

Absolutely the best men's body wash fragrance! Leaves your skin woodsy and fresh all day!

5 Stars
Cologne Shower Gel

In shower scent stays with you as a light cologne throughout the day. You only need a little bit for each use and it gives your skin a clean, fresh feeling. Highly recommended!

5 Stars
Great value

I was immediately hooked on it. Provides a rich lather with a lasting scent. This bottle has lasted me more than a month and it is well worth the value.

5 Stars
Cologne Gel

Finally!! A scent that actually lasts all day without being overwhelming. Has a very subtle fragrance that does not overpower the person wearing it or those closest to you – even my wife who is very sensitive to smells.