Beard Wash


Cleans the dirt trying to stick around since you stopped shaving, leaving your beard smelling fresh and manly.

For Best Results Use Daily

Scent: A 1, 2 punch of a refreshing, clean aroma followed by a subtle jab of hip, bright lemon and lime.
Beard Length: All
Size: 225 mL (7.6 FL oz)


Swagger Body Wash
Don't Forget

$2 Swagger Body Wash

How To Use
Step 1: Dispense ~2 pumps (for a medium sized beard) of Beard Wash into hands and rub together to get a copious amount of lather.
Step 2: Rub it deep into your beard to cleanse any dirt trying to stick around since you stopped shaving.
Step 3: Rinse out.
Step 4: Flaunt the freedom of your well-cleansed beard.
Wash Ingredients Wash Ingredients

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